Our Mission Youth soccer training in Sunrise

Our Mission

First Touch Soccer Academy was founded in March of 2017. Here at First Touch Soccer Academy, our main focus is player development. We offer private training for players from the age of 5  to 18 years-old, focusing on personal skills and technical touches. 

Founder, Felipe Alvarez, has been involved in South Florida Soccer all his life starting as a young player with Hollywood Wildcats and playing for other club teams such as Miami Lakes, Driftwood, and West Pines. Due to financial hardships, he was unable to play travel soccer, but wanted to stay involved in the sport. He became a referee and has now transitioned to being a coach/personal trainer. In his years of experience, he noticed that there is a lack of programs in the South Florida Area that strictly focus on developing individual soccer skills. Some clubs, coaches, and parents get  lost in the winning aspect of the game (as we all can) and forget to ask themselves if their child or players are actually learning skills to prepare them for the next level. 

First Touch Soccer Academy wants to help your athlete take it to the next level, whatever it may be. Whether it's making the middle school team, club team, high school team, or college team; we are dedicated to provide professional training strictly focused on personal skills and 1000s of technical touches each training session.